Rat Toys And Wheel

If you have decided to have a rat for a pet, you certainly have understood that these fragile-looking rodents are not what most non-pet owners know about them. You are also aware that they do enjoy having rat toys and wheel to keep them busy throughout their waking hours.

Rats are far from what most of us know as the invasive wild animal that can ruin anything in your yard, and even inside your home.

Rat Toys And Wheel

What you probably do not know about rats

  1. These tiny creatures are crazy about cleanliness. Rats are great groomers. They actually hate getting dirty. They love to help others groom as well. You’ll often see them going about gathering and organizing their food supplies. One thing that they really do not like is dirt clinging onto their usually neat fur.


  1. They are quite smart. Perhaps this is the reason why clinical tests usually use rats in studies. Rats are extremely intelligent creatures. They can be trained, and they can easily grasp what humans are trying to tell them. They also show empathy for the other member of their specie.


  1. Rats have a short lifespan. These amicable creatures have a total lifespan of up to about two to three years only. This short lifespan can still be shortened as they can easily develop health problems once they reach their first year of life.


  1. Rats require preventive medical attention. As these tiny furballs can easily acquire medical problems, you will need to make sure that they see a vet regularly to ensure that they are in still in good health.


  1. They form a strong bond with their owners. Rats have the unique ability like many other pets. They can easily recognize their owners through sight and voice. They love to hang around and be social. You might have even noticed your pet trying to groom you as well.


Like many responsible pet owners, you will want to give your rat the attention and all the essentials that it need to stay healthy during its short lifespan. Your cuddly friend will appreciate your effort if you add toys and wheels in its cage as these can make its daily existence a lot more interesting.

Choosing rat toys and wheels

Filling your pet rat’s cage will allow your pet to have the most during the time it is awake. Looking at it while it does its antics will also keep you well-entertained. It goes without saying that you need to make sure that you place accessories that will help you get the most from your pet’s busyness.

Here are some of the things that you can place inside your pet’s cage.


  1. Rat-friendly wheels. Find one that will not only do the job, but will also be safe at the same time. Note that your friend’s tiny feet and tail can easily get tangled or cut if there are edges in the wheels that are not suited for your pet.

An exercise wheel that is solid and cannot trap your pet’s toes and tail will be a great addition to your friend’s cage. You can opt for one that can be hung from the top of the cage as well.


  1. Climbing toys. You may also add anything that can create climbing activities for your pet, such as stacked boxes, hammocks, ropes, ladders, branches, and so on. These accessories will greatly increase the activities of your pet and will not only keep him happy, but it will also help keep his body strong and healthy.


  1. Shredding toys. Your pet rat loves to shredding. Give it some soft items, such as paper or straw, and you will see just how quickly your furball will go through each of them.


  1. Chew toys. Notice just how your rat love to nibble on just about anything. They do this because they have front teeth that just won’t stop growing. These teeth need to be continuously worn down, so they just have to gnaw on anything that they could possibly gnaw.


Rats need regular play and other activities to keep them happy and healthy. He will enjoy running through paper towel tubes, ladders, PVC pipes, and chew just about anything. Doing these will make him happy and healthy. Just make sure that anything that you place inside your pet’s cage is safe enough for its fragile body.